Working to create an accurate and easily updated national railway timetable. Current progress can be viewed in the timetable pages.

Gradient Profiles

Coming soon - Up to date gradient profiles covering all mainline, and where possible, private lines in the british isles.


A collection of signalling diagrams, simulators, images and much more. It's all in development and will be here before you know it.

The Railway Data Centre is a new and growing libary of railway data


The Railway Data Centre (or RailOps, as it was known when it started life in 2010) was initally set up as an unofficial site for the East Lancashire Railway, providing a journey planner, fare finder and details on signalling. Its aim was to release data in different formats so that different groups of people could benifit.

Fast-forward to 2018, and we still have the same ethos. Releasing data in different and unique formats, only now, we're working with national rail, light rail and private railway data, adding and updating content on a regular basis. To find out what's new, take a look at the 'what's new section' below, or follow us on Facebook.


Whilst we're still very much a work in progress, we hope you enjoy the site, and if you have any comments, suggestions or ideas, we'd love to hear from you - details at the bottom each page.

Signalling - diagrams, simlators and interlocking details
Timetables - A growing resorce of timetables for the UK

-- What's new? --

4 December All new timetables, which are due to come into operation on December 9, have been updated.
27 November All timetables have been updated using the latest railway insutry data. Full details in the timetable pages.
21 November A brief history and signalling diagram of Machynlleth signal box added to the signalling pages
16 November New timetables added: (120, 122 & 124) covering Leeds to Sheffield via Barnsley & Wakefield and the Dearne Valley Line
14 November Two new Cumbrian signalling diagrams added to the siganlling pages - Bootle & Park South.
06 November All forthcoming timetables have been updated using the latest railway industry data
01 November A breif history and the closing track circuit diagram of Atherton signal box added to the siganlling pages
30 October Four new timetables added, covering the Scottish Highlands in thier entirety
15 October We've changed the font in our timetables to make printing in A5 & booklet formats clearer to read. All tables updated
12 October New timetables: 119 Leeds/Wakefield - Knottingley & Goole. 120 Complete service between Sheffield/Meadowhall/Barnsley
08 October New timetables: 13, 115 & 118, covering Liverpool, Manchester, Sheffield, Nottingham, Norwich, Leeds & Doncaster
04 October Provisional Winter 2018 timetables added