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And we cover the UK & NI's national rail, light rail, tramway and Traws Cymru networks.

About us

Starting life in 2012 as an unofficial site for the East Lancashire Railway, providing a journey planner, fare finder and details on signalling, our aim was to release data in different formats so that different groups of people could benifit. Fast-forward to 2023, and we still have the same ethos. Releasing data in different and unique formats, only now, we're working with national rail, light rail and private railway data, adding and updating content on a regular basis.

Getting started

To discover what's new and what we've been working on, visit the the 'What's New' section. If you'd like to see a full list of data and features on the site, the 'Our Data' section contains all the info you'll need. Or if there's a specific network or function you're interested in, select it from the menus at the top of this page.

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Our data

The table below lists data available on this development website. Additional features are available using the sitemap

National Railway

National Rail
Bridges, Fares & Ticketing, Level Crossings, Line Files & Gradient Profiles, Mileage Search, Signalling, Stations, Tunnels & Timetables

Blackpool Tramway

Blackpool Tramway
Mileage Search & Timetables

Manchester Metrolink

Manchester Metrolink
Fares & Ticketing, Mileage Search, Stations/Stops and Timetables

What's New?

20 July 2024: This Sunday, Blackpool hosts its yearly 'Tram Sunday.' A temporary one-day timetable will be in operation.
16 July 2024: New feature: Blackpool Tramway mileage search facility and homepage.
06 July 2024: To celebrate Blackpool Tramway's recent extention, we welcome the network to the site, with current & historical timetables.
30 June 2024: Metrolink services calling at Piccadilly are being affected by engineering works. New timetables reflect these changes.
03 June 2024: Service patterns updated in individual National Railway Stations pages to reflect the start of the Summer 2024 timetable.
02 June 2024: As the new timetable starts, all our June 2024 timetable files have been updated. Mapping also added for Welsh tables.
26 May 2024: Final drafts of next weeks GB timetables have been compiled. New Metrolink timetables, following track repairs at Victoria.
25 May 2024: More stats, including details of neighbouring stations and the distances to/from them, added for National Railway stations.
12 May 2024: We're trialling schematic maps on the covers of our Metrolink timetables, with a view to rolling them out across all timetables.
06 May 2024: The Wirral (encompasing Merseyrail and TfW lines) have been added to the GBR mileage search tool.
02 May 2024: Metrolink station/stop stats added to the site. GB Railway Timetables, valid from 02 June, updated.
18 April 2024: Metrolink fares from 2014 to the present day, ticket types & restrictions have been added to the site. GBR fares also updated.
08 April 2024: We've added a new mileage search function for the Manchester Metrolink network.
01 April 2024: It may be April Fool's Day, but we're not joking when we say we've created a new format for our Manchester Metrolink timetables.
25 March 2024: Great British Railway timetables, valid from June 2nd 2024, have been updated to include the latest data.
21 March 2024: New feature: the first release of our mileage search facility calculates the distance between any Wales & Borders stations.
09 March 2024: Our level crossings and linefiles/gradient profile features have been refreshed and include more detail as well as clulvert details.
08 March 2024: Forthfoming Scottish fare increases are now included in our fares data. Fare manuals, valid from April 1st, have been published.
29 February 2024: First drafts of the national railway, Summer 2024, timetables have been added to the timetables pages.
27 February 2024: Passenger flow data for the 2022/23 period has been released by the ORR, and is now available to view and query.
26 February 2024: An error, whereby some gradient distances were showing incorrectly, has been fixed. Thanks to all those who got in touch to report this.
30 January 2024: Passenger flows updated to include data from April 2018 through to March 2022.
23 January 2024: Our line files & gradient profiles have been refreshed, and include the latest asset data.
22 January 2024: Fares data updated to include LNER's ticketing trial. Including Ticket type & restriction files.
10 January 2024: The first stage of our new website has been released, covering the Great British Rail network. All functions have been updated using the latest industry data, with a new passenger flow system. Archived and historical systems are still available by using the full sitemap.