Welcome to The Railway Data Centre

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Welcome to the Railway Data Centre

Starting life in 2012 as an unofficial site for the East Lancashire Railway, providing a journey planner, fare finder and details on signalling, our aim was to release data in different formats so that different groups of people could benifit. Fast-forward to 2023, and we still have the same ethos. Releasing data in different and unique formats, only now, we're working with national rail, light rail and private railway data, adding and updating content on a regular basis.

To discover what's new and what we've been working on, visit the the 'What's New' section. If you'd like to see a full list of data and features on the site, the 'Our Data' section contains all the info you'll need. Or if there's a specific network you're interested in, select it from the icons below to get started.

Our data

Here's what we currently offer...

Other data
Bridges - Detailed information on bridges that interface with Network Rail infrastructure.
GB Fares - Summary fare manuals. Walk-up fares search. Ticket types query & list. Restiction codes query & list.
Level Crossings - Detailed information for level crossings on Network Rail infrastructure.
Signalling - Collection of signalling diagrams and mechanical signalling simulations.

Here's what we're working on...

National Railway Timetables - complete timetables for remaining routes in SE England, resulting in the entire UK being covered.
Tyne & Wear Metro Timetables - timetables covering the entirety of the Tyne & Wear Metro.
Mileage Search - Following the release of mileage functions for the Metrolink, we're currently working on expanding this to all networks.

What's new

24 June 2023 TOC codes within development timetables improved to better reflect operators. For example Avanti West Coast is shown as 'AWC' instead of 'VT'.
09 May 2023 Full fare manual, detail & restriction details released on the development server. This will be made available on the main website following testing.
28 April 2023 A new and improved fares & ticketing system has been added to the development server, containing additional functions and detail.
02 April 2023 As data becomes more accurate, summer timetables have been updated again, over on our development server.
The Railway Data Centre wouldn't be what it is today without the comments, suggestions & feedback of its users - and for that, we're truely grateful! You can get in touch by emailing. The website compiler can be contacted via Twitter.